Sabtu, Julai 26, 2008

Cantik Bunga Dip

Dip flowers are really quite beautiful. From a distance, they look like they are made of crystal. Up close, they are just breathtaking.

In the past, I made flowers from ribbons and fine strips of silver wire. Most of my handiwork were for family, mainly my nieces' and nephews' engagements and weddings. I started making dip flowers last December for my niece Ana's engagement. For each of them, I prepared the whole set of hantarans including the flower arrangements and bouquets for the bridal room as well as the bunga pahar for the pelamin and bunga telur.

Currently I am working on an order from a distant relative. The theme for the hantaran is yellow and so far I have made almost 100 roses, 100 small wild flowers and hundreds of leaves. I have orders from my neighbour for hari raya as well as 2 weddings at the end of the year.

That's all for now, I will post pictures of my handiwork as soon as I can.